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Chenoa - Nada De Nada
Альбом: Desafiando La Gravedad

Nada De NadaAbsolutely Nothing
Lo fuiste todo y mucho más para mí.
Te di mi vida. Dime ¿qué no te di?
Eras mi norte, mi canción, mi ilusión del alma

Pero de pronto comenzaste a cambiar
Ni me acaricias ni me amas igual
Y te confieso era lo menos que me esperaba

Coro 1:
No creo en tus tácticas
¿Por qué no te callas?

Coro 2:
Sabes no me convencen tus palabras
Nada de nada
Siento que me disparas al corazón.
Yo te lo advertí que no perdonaría nunca si me engañas
Nada de nada
Sabes que ya no queda entre tú y yo
Nada de nada

Yo te deseo que al marcharte de aquí
Encuentres alguien que te haga feliz
Y que te llene más de lo que yo te llenaba

Y que en el punto en que te vaya mejor
Tú te des cuenta que ella tiene otro amor
Para que veas lo que duele cuando te engañan

Coro 1,2

Nada de nada
Nada, nada, nada, nada

Coro 2 × 2
It was everything and much more for me.
I gave you my life. Tell me what did I not give you?
You were my goal, my song, my soul's dream

But suddenly you began to change
You did not caress me or love me the same
And I confess to you, it was the last thing that I was expecting

Chorus 1:
I don't believe your tactics
Why don't you keep quiet?

Chorus 2:
You know your words do not convince me
Absolutely nothing
I feel that you are shooting me in the heart.
I warned you that I would never forgive if you cheat on me
Absolutely nothing
You know that there is no longer anything between you and me
Absolutely nothing

I hope that on leaving here
You might find someone that makes you happy
And that she satisfies you more than I used to (satisfy you)

And that at the point at which things are going best
You might realise that she has another love
So that you might see what hurts when they cheat you

Chorus 1,2

Absolutely nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

Chorus 2 × 2