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Various - «Девочка моя»

Lyrics: Татьяна Нотман.
Music: Отто М. Нотман

“When I first heard this song, immediately realized that it is about me and for me. And what's more, the song “My Girl” is about all girls! About us. Maybe that's why a picture came into in my head of the main girls closest to me together. My sister, daughter, mother, niece. But in this video I not only wanted to acquaint viewers with my friendly and a wonderful family. This song is also a message to all girls. I hope it will help them to feel that they always have the support that is family - this is the ultimate value to which we should aspire, creating and preserving it” - Vera.
«Девочка моя»My Girl
Что же ты, девочка моя?
Делаешь с собой, сколько в тебе силы?
Сколько же, девочка моя
Выплакала слёз, соли бы хватило?

Наяву, тихий океан.
Ты за ним на дно
А тебя до дна он пьёт как бокал вина

Помни у тебя я есть
Даже если ты совсем одна.
Около тебя, я здесь -
Ничего не бойся никогда

Решать тебе, куда идти
Туда ли, где туманами
Окутано всё впереди -
Не разбейся моя девочка × 2

Что же ты, девочка моя?
Делала не так, как тебе непросто.
Сколько ты, девочка моя
Не спала ночей, ты бы отдала всё
Чтоб уснуть на его плече.
Каждый божий день проведённый с ним
Ты помнишь до мелочей

Припев × 2

Не разбейся, моя девочка
What are you like *, my girl?
You are doing it by yourself, how much strength do you have?
Just how many tears did you cry, my girl?
Would there be enough salt?

In reality, [you are] a calm ocean.
You are behind him all the way
But he is drinking you right down like a glass of wine

Remember you have me
Even if you are quite alone.
I am here, nearby you -
Never be afraid of anything

It is for you to decide whether to go
There, where everything ahead
Is shrouded by mists -
Do not fall apart my girl × 2

What are you like, my girl?
You were acting in a way that was not easy for you.
How many nights did you not sleep, my girl?
You would have given everything
In order to fall asleep on his shoulder.
You remember every divine day spent with him
To the smallest detail

Chorus × 2

Do not fall apart my girl
*‘What are you like’ is a Britsh colloquialism said to someone who has done something stupid.An international English translation of «Что же ты» is ‘What ever next.’