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ZAZ - L'oiseau

Questa canzone è dalla colonna sonora del film del 2013 “Belle et Sébastien”, basato sul romanzo di Cécile Aubry.

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L'oiseauThe Bird
Je connais les brumes claires
La neige blanche et les matins d'hiver.
Je voudrais te retrouver
Le lièvre blanc qu'on ne voit jamais

Mais l'oiseau, l'oiseau s'est envolé
Et moi jamais je ne le retrouverai

Si jamais je rencontrais
Ce bel oiseau qui s'est envolé
S'il revient de son voyage
Tout près de toi le long du rivage
Mais vois-tu, je lui raconterais
Combien pour toi je sais qu'il a compté.
C'est l'oiseau que tu aimais
L'oiseau jaloux, je l'ai deviné

S'il revient de son voyage
Je lui dirais que tu l'attendais
I know the pale mists
The white snow and winter mornings.
I would to find for you again
The white hare that we never see

But the bird, the bird flew off
And I myself will never find it again

If I was ever to meet
That beautiful bird which flew off
If it comes back from its trip
Very near to you along the shore
But you see, I would tell it
How much I know he meant to you.
This is the bird that you liked
The jealous bird, I worked it out

If it comes back from its trip
I would tell it that you were waiting for it